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We at KAAJ chocolate believe that wholeheartedly. Our mission is to provide the best high quality, hand-crafted chocolate while never compromising our dedication to using ethically sourced as well as environmentally friendly resources.

KAAJ in the Persian language translates to the pine tree. Widely distributed throughout western North America, Lodgepole pine is the most common and abundant tree in the Canadian Rocky mountains, expanded across Alberta and British Columbia.

We chose a name that takes us back to our memories in those rocky mountains. Using the Persian word, it also holds a little bit of our cherished Iranian heritage.

We are bean-to-bar chocolate makers. While our home is in Vancouver, cacao is by nature a tropical plant. We have searched far and wide to find the best single origin cocoa beans that carry distinctive flavor notes that we think best suits our chocolate bars. Once we receive the beans we begin the evolved and meticulous process of crafting our artisan chocolate bars. 

We at KAAJ want to leave a mark on you but not on our planet. That is why using ethically sourced as well as environmentally friendly resources is always part of our mission. We promise you adventure and discovery in every bar. 

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