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52 Weeks, 52 Sweets by Vedika Luthra

52 Weeks, 52 Sweets by Vedika Luthra

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Elegant Recipes for All Occasions 

Sweet recipes with gorgeous pictures for every season.

Baked treats for every season. An ode to seasonal baking, Vedika Luthra has crafted unique dessert recipes using seasonal ingredients and distinctive flavor combinations for throughout the year.

Desserts for Christmas and other holiday desserts. Whether you're looking for a stunning pumpkin spice cheesecake to welcome fall to your household, or a festive pavlova that serves as the grand finale to your Christmas party, this book provides you with a recipe repertoire fit for all occasions. These treats can serve as gifts for friends and family or an indulgent sweet treat for yourself.

Never run out of delicious recipes. Vedika invites you to explore desserts from her Indian heritage, her polish home base, and other dishes from around the world. Indulge in her unique 52 recipes, one for each week of the year, each accompanied by breath-taking photographs that will kick-start your sugar cravings and inspire you to create something special.

Uncomplicated baking. Is your favorite flavor chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet? Vedika has easy desserts to bake for you. She wants everyone to feel confident in their confectionary creations. Practice makes perfect and she guides you on your dessert journey whether it be lemon cakes, Bundt cakes, banana bread, or cookies.

If you loved baking with Zoe Bakes Cakes, The Great British Baking Show, or Small Batch Baking, then 52 Sweets, 52 Weeks should be your next sweet read.

Vedika Luthra was born in India, raised in Poland (where she attended an American school), and then moved to the Netherlands to attend university and is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies there. Her unique background has shaped her experiences in the kitchen.

Passionate about food from an early age, Vedika started her food blog Hot Chocolate Hits when she was fourteen. Her first videos were her favourite recipes, such as classic brownies, lemon cake and coconut cake. A year after she began posting videos, she was recruited by food video network Tastemade (a platform competing with Buzzfeed's Tasty) as one of their network partners on Youtube. With their help and her dedication, Hot Chocolate Hits amassed a following, hungry for recipes such as mango cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie lava cakes. In 2015, her recipe for no-bake Oreo bars was their first video on their "Sweeten" page to go viral, amassing 36 million views in the first year alone. After that, several of her recipes went viral. This hobby has slowly transformed into something much more and now, seven years later, she has combined her passion for photography, video, and baking into an inviting and popular channel.

In addition to her passion for food and photography, Vedika also enjoys writing and has written extensively about food for several English-language publications including Food52, Spoon University, the Warsaw Voice and as well as the Warsaw Business Journal.