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Can't Breathe: A Memoir by Laesa Faith Kim

Can't Breathe: A Memoir by Laesa Faith Kim

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WINNER Non-Fiction Whistler Independent Book Awards 2020

FINALST Non-Fiction Canadian Book Club Awards 2020

“Beautifully rendered – honest and raw…[Laesa’s] writing will bring you to tears and fill you with hope.” - Hilary Yancey

A child born too early, clinging to life. Her heart is incorrectly formed. Her airway is compromised. She is unable to swallow or breathe.

A mother losing, finding and remaking herself, again and again.

A family who refuses to give up.

Can’t Breathe is a young mom’s compelling recollection of her medically complex daughter’s journey toward life. Evelyn Faith survives—she even thrives. But her path is unimaginably hard, riddled with pain and trauma, hope and miracles, and incessant uncertainty.

This beautifully written, harrowing book captures the nuances of life with a special-needs child. It is a map of the boundlessness of the human spirit and the love that drives parents onward whatever the cost. In this debut memoir, Laesa Kim reaches into her darkest and most private depths to share the truth—the struggles and joys she and mothers like her face each day.

Laesa Kim is a wife, mother, student of life and an advocate of sharing our human experiences. She is an active member on parent advisory committees at BC Women’s and BC Children’s hospitals and shares her life and experience on social media with other medical mothers. She writes at various coffee shops throughout Vancouver, Canada, where she lives with her husband and two children.