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Founder's Club Discounts

Thank you, Founder's Club Members!

Current discount rates:

Most books: 35%
Most puzzles: 45%

Arriba Raw: 50%
Sweetsmith: 40%
Hummingbird 40%
Solasta: 40%
Alicja: 35%
McGuire: 25%
Living Lotus: 10%

Land of Daughters 30%
Shy Wolf 40%

Notebooks 40%
Cards 40%
Pigeons 45%

Magnetic Poetry 45%
Spark Kits 45%
Tote Bags 45%
T-Shirts 30%
Keychains 45%

Writer's Bootcamp 25% off

Please note there is no discount available for artwork. Usually there is no discount for event collaboration with outside groups or facilitators.

Please note that Founder's Club purchases usually cannot be accommodated when you drop in. Transactions have to go through Danica and it is easiest to coordinate ahead of time by email. 

1. Send me an email telling me what you want (including special requests.) 
2. I email you a quote / invoice with the appropriate discount applied to each item.
3. Once you approve & pay the invoice I will place the order for your special items & fulfil your order asap.