Founder's Club Discounts

Thank you, Founder's Club Members!

How to order:

1. Email Danica listing the items you want (including special requests) 
2. She'll send you an invoice with the appropriate discount applied to each item
3. Once you approve & pay the invoice, she will then place the order for your special items & fulfil your order asap

Current discount rates:

Most books: 35%
Most puzzles: 45%

Arriba Raw: 45%
Solasta: 45%
Sweetsmith: 40%
Hummingbird: 40%
Alicja (Postcard): 35%
McGuire: 25%
Kaaj: 25%
Living Lotus: 10%

Land of Daughters 30%
Shy Wolf 40%

Notebooks 40%
Cards 40%
Pigeons 45%

Magnetic Poetry 45%
Spark Kits 45%
Tote Bags 45%
T-Shirts 30%
Keychains 45%
Fun Socks 35%

Writer's Bootcamp 25% off
Usually there is no discount for event collaboration with outside groups or facilitators

The perfect opportunity to enjoy your discount! Please send your orders early (in November if you can) to get ahead of stock and shipping issues.


Please note there is no discount available for original local artwork

Please note all FC discounts are from the item's original price

Most books and most puzzles that we stock are 35% and 45% respectively - with a few exceptions. Sometimes, especially with special order items, there is less of a discount

Special order books: We can get almost every book currently in print

Important payment info:

Please note that Founder's Club purchases cannot always be accommodated when you drop in. Store staff cannot issue FC discounts. Transactions MUST go through Danica.

Now that I am no longer in the store every day, FC purchases are easiest to coordinate ahead of time by email. I can email an invoice with the appropriate discounts applied to each item. You can pay online, and then pick up your order from the store. 

If you prefer to shop in person, no problem - just reach out ahead of time to coordinate your visit with my in-store schedule so that I'm here to apply the discount. You can still drop in anytime to shop, of course. But if you want to buy something and I'm not here, you will have to pay full price.