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Consider contributing $3+ towards a salary for the bookstore's sole employee - that's me! 

I'm the owner of Coastal Bookstore and my name is Danica. I work here at the store 6 days per week, and it really is my dream come true! I write and edit freelance to make ends meet, but running the store on my own is also a ton of work. Days are running short, and ends are not (yet) meeting.

The bookstore is new - the original plan was to open July 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, I postponed, launched online in October, and opened the physical store in December. 

I launched a Patreon account in February 2021 with the wild hope of finding some beautiful, bookstore-loving souls who would be willing to pitch in a few dollars per month to help me carry the business until the bookstore can pay me.

Become a patron and you'll get more than just good vibes! 

The tiers start at a $3 'tip jar' contribution. All Patrons get access to my daily business-drama diary. The higher tiers get you coupons, free books, and even locally roasted coffee beans.

Thanks for your support! 
xoxo Danica


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