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Copy of First Nations Version - Paperback

Copy of First Nations Version - Paperback

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An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament by Terry M Wildman

"The Great Spirit loves this world of human beings so deeply he gave us his Son--the only Son who fully represents him. All who trust in him and his way will not come to a bad end, but will have the life of the world to come that never fades--full of beauty and harmony. Creator did not send his Son to decide against the people of this world, but to set them free from the worthless ways of the world." John 3:16-17 

"Love is patient and kind. Love is never jealous. It does not brag or boast. It is not puffed up or big-headed. Love does not act in shameful ways, nor does it care only about itself. It is not hot-headed, nor does it keep track of wrongs done to it. Love is not happy with lies and injustice, but truth makes its heart glad. Love keeps walking even when carrying a heavy load. Love keeps trusting, never loses hope, and stands firm in hard times. The road of love has no end." 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

The First Nations Version (FNV) is a retelling of the Creator's Story--the Scriptures--following the tradition of the storytellers of these oral cultures. Many First Nations tribes communicate with the cultural and linguistic thought patterns found in their original tongues. This way of speaking, with its simple yet profound beauty and rich cultural idioms, still resonates in the hearts of First Nations people. The FNV is a dynamic equivalence translation that captures the simplicity, clarity, and beauty of Native storytellers in English, while remaining faithful to the original language of the New Testament. Whether you are Native or not, you will experience the Scriptures in a fresh and new way.

Terry Wildman was born and raised in lower Michigan. He is of Ojibwe (Chippewa) and Yaqui ancestry. Terry is a published author, recording artist, songwriter, storyteller, and public speaker.

He is the "Chief" of Rain Ministries, a nonprofit organization based in Arizona. Since the year 2000 as "RainSong", he and his wife Darlene have invested their lives in sharing the message of Jesus with Native Americans.

Terry is the author and project manager of the First Nations Version: New Testament published by InterVarsity Press.

He is also the Director of Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development for Native InterVarsity.