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Founder's Club Membership (Lifetime)

Founder's Club Membership (Lifetime)

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You: An Investor - Imagine!

  • Join the Founder's Club today for a one-time investment of $1000

  • Save 35* on books (including special orders) and everything else the bookstore sells for 10 years. Basically, you have the opportunity to purchase products at near-cost, as if you were a co-founder of the business. ( *Discount depends on product. An updated list is emailed to members on a quarterly basis)

The first 20 members to join will get the benefit for LIFE (16 spots remaining)

For full details before you join, email Danica at welcome@coastalbooks.ca and she will happily answer all of your questions


SO many people have been SO encouraging and helpful in SO many ways during the first year of Coastal Bookstore's existence. I am well-aware that I am not building this business all by myself.

I created the Founder's Club in the summer of 2021 as a way to raise debt-free cash to move the bookstore into the future. This model allows me to retain control of my business, and offers you an affordable investment opportunity that has substantial and immediate benefits.

Right now I am saving funds raised for costs associated with moving the bookstore to a permanent location - hopefully soon!

Thank you 
💕 Danica, Founder of Coastal Bookstore