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How TV Can Make You Smarter by Allison Shoemaker

How TV Can Make You Smarter by Allison Shoemaker

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Contrary to conventional wisdom, television can do more than help you veg out, chill, and escape.

Author and TV critic Allison Shoemaker rewires our thinking to show readers how to take advantage of our 24/7 access to this ever-evolving medium.

  • TV is a powerful tool and How TV Can Make You Smarter will teach you how to use it.
  • Covers a wide selection of diverse genres from scripted comedies, dramas, and classics to reality and beyond.
  • Find acceptance in embracing bad" TV, and learn to love yourself in the morning.

Lessons include learning how to gain empathy (Mad Men), broadening your perspective (Rupaul's Drag Race), and discovering how working within boundaries (Doctor Who) or breaking them apart (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) can be good for you.

Allison Shoemaker is a TV and film critic based in Chicago, IL.