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In the Museum  1000 Piece Puzzle

In the Museum 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Piece together a modern museum masterpiece with In the Museum, featuring countless quirky visitors, artful animals, and clever art history references to discover.

Familiar faces and delightful discoveries abound in this menagerie of museum visitors, from inquisitive art students to selfie-snapping divas, and aspiring artists who happen to be mice. Each gallery offers new details to discover and allusions to art movements across time and history that every art lover will adore in this vibrant new 1000-piece puzzle.

Tomi Um is a Seoul-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator. She is best known for her advertising work, and her illustrations have regularly appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Wikimedia Foundation, and many other publications. Tomi loves going to see operas at the Met, eating pastries, and spending her summers and holidays in Helsinki. Much of her work is inspired by the everyday lives of people in the city.