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Letters to the Mountain by Anya Wyers

Letters to the Mountain by Anya Wyers

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Port Moody author!

Letters to the Mountain is the account of an only child growing up in a family where sweeping your feelings and emotions under the rug was preferred to ever talking about them. We are told about author Anya Wyers' upbringing in a collection of letters written to her best friend, Rachael.

Growing up in a small northern town was never easy for Anya. There were struggles at home worsened by a close family member’s alcoholism, which resulted in co-dependent relationships within a small family dynamic. In the candid words written to her kindred spirit, we are given Anya’s honest recollection of her childhood. While her experiences have crafted the woman that she is today, she has her best friend to thank for enabling her to break through the confines of how she was raised, seek outside help to deal with the shadows of her past and blossom into a strong and successful woman.

As we learn about Anya’s life and accomplishments as told in her written words to Rachael, we are brought to wonder why it is that Anya is writing letters to Rachael. Where has she gone? What has happened to inspire Anya to write these letters? Will we ever know the answers to any of these questions? Or will we always wonder why it is that Anya is writing her Letters to the Mountain.

Anya Wyers was born and raised in Prince George, B.C. Following high school graduation, Anya moved to the lower mainland of B.C. where she still lives with her husband, their two sons, Archer and Maverick, and their family dog, Eddie. She attended the Paralegal Program at Capilano College and worked as a paralegal for eleven years. Anya now writes full time.

Anya’s writing experience includes her memoir, Letters to the Mountain (2019), a bi-weekly blog, and the Writer’s Studio at SFU.

Her other loves include crafting, wine, reading, and being outdoors.