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Rwanda Abakundakawa, Rushashi - Smoking Gun Coffee

Rwanda Abakundakawa, Rushashi - Smoking Gun Coffee

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Medium roast coffee beans

Notes: honeysuckle, black tea, chocolate, tropical fruit sweetness
Fairtrade/Organic Certified
100% Female Producers

We are so happy to feature another offering from strong women in coffee! Abakundakawa cooperative works alongside two prominent woman's associations in Rwanda - Duhingekawa and Abanyameraka - with a sharp focus on improving the livelihoods of women in their community. Abakundakawa has grown rapidly over recent years, adding a second washing station and expanding its membership from 180 to nearly 2000 coffee growers since its founding in 2004.

This coffee is extremely delicate, with sparkling sweetness and floral notes. The distinct micro climate of the mountainous Gakenke district, combined with rich volcanic soils contribute to the balanced sweet, floral, and fruity notes in the cup.