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Sarah and the Big Wave

Sarah and the Big Wave

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By Bonnie Tsui & Illustrated by Sophie Diao

The True Story of the First Woman to Surf Mavericks

Have you ever seen a big wave? One that's twenty, thirty, forty, even fifty feet tall? Here's a better question: Would you ever surf a big wave? Sarah Gerhardt did--and this is her story.

This tale of perseverance and indomitable spirit is about the first woman to ride the waves at Mavericks, one of the biggest and most dangerous surf breaks in the world.

Hardcover storybook for ages 4-8

Bonnie Tsui is a debut children's author and a writer forThe New York Times. Her books for grown-ups includeWhy We Swim and the award-winningAmerican Chinatown. She lives in the Bay Area. 

Sophie Diao is an artist in San Francisco. As research for the bookSarah and the Big Wave, she surfed a wave that she's pretty sure was over one foot tall. She loves illustrating natural wonders and is the talent behind many a Google Doodle.