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Swim Wild and Free by Simon Griffiths

Swim Wild and Free by Simon Griffiths

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This is the ultimate practical guide to get you swimming outdoors, 365 days a year.

Whether you want to take your first tentative dip in your local wild swimming spot or take on a long-distance swimming challenge, you'll find everything you need to embrace outdoor swimming and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits it offers.

Have you ever wondered what kit you need for winter swimming or how to fall in love with the cold? This book includes dedicated information about each season, ensuring you have everything you need to make outdoor swimming something you can enjoy safely all year round.

Discover how to overcome your outdoor swimming fears and why becoming an outdoor swimmer can help you cope better with the ups and downs of daily life. Find out the differences between swimming in oceans, rivers and lakes, learn how to become a stronger swimmer and how to design your own training plans.

Featuring case studies from people with a wide range of backgrounds who have embraced the outdoor swimming lifestyle, including people living with physical disabilities and mental health challenges, this is the book for anyone who wants to swim outdoors.

Simon Griffiths is the founder and publisher of Outdoor Swimmer magazine, which has been running since 2011. He has previously written for Triathlete's World and the Telegraph online and frequently provides articles and training advice for event organisers and other swimming-related businesses. He was also part of the working group that created the STA's Open Water Coaching Qualification. Simon lives in Richmond, where he swims year-round in the Thames, and is a member of Teddington Masters' Swimming Club.