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Writer's Bootcamp

Writer's Bootcamp

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6-week course, Saturday mornings from 9-10am, at Coastal Bookstore

Upcoming Dates:

🗓 January 8 - February 12

🗓 April 2 - May 14 (no class April 16, Easter weekend)

Description: Whip your writing-life into shape with this intensive, in-person, six-week bootcamp. The course is suitable for writers of all levels; students will set their own intentions at the beginning of the course. 

Each meet-up will consist of reviewing your goals, sharing your work with other writers in a safe space, and completing a cycle of exercises designed to overcome internal barriers to your writing. You will also be guided through troubleshooting external circumstances so you can design the writing lifestyle you want. There will be homework.

An incentive to keep your promise to yourself:

If you have perfect attendance and attain the targets you set for yourself, you will be awarded a $50 Coastal Bookstore Gift Card at the final class.